Refractory Cement

Place of Origin: Xinmi, China
Material: Bauxite
Shape: Powder
Application: Industrial Furnace/Kiln
Capacity: 350Tons/Month
Package: 25KG/Bag
Classification :
Alumina refractory cement
Low-calcium alumina refractory cement
Calcium magnesia alumina cement
Dolomite refractory cement 

Product Overview

Refractory cement is refractory hydraulic cementitious material use high-quality bauxite and lime as raw materials, after sintering, the clinker with alumina as the main component is obtained, then grind into fine power. It has refractoriness of not less than 1580℃. 


Refractory cement is used as bonding materials for refractory castable . 


Specification should be different according to different classification and  furnaces/kilns.

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